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New Employee Orientation

【+ Confusion of Enterprise】
After sifting and choosing from thousands of people, HR thinks that suitable new staff have been found. The company has high expectations of the new employees. New staff are also looking forward to the future work. However, the realistic situation is not so satisfactory as the new employees are unaccustomed to the new climate. Worse yet, they may leave the company before giving it a chance. New staff will acclimate, though this process usually takes at least half a year.

+ Why does this acclimatization period occur?    
+ How can the employer shorten the acclimatization period?
+ How can the employer reduce the impact of change with new employees?


【+ Background】

Life Power's® team research shows that capability comes from professional knowledge, positive attitude, and insistent experience: Capability = Knowledge + Attitude + Experience.

The roles of new staff and seasoned professionals are dipolar on the basis of index. New staff and professionals can be as vastly different as Peking University students might be to Harvard students. New staff must transform themselves in behavior, psychology, and their ways of thinking to adapt to their new environment.


【+ Goal】

1. Individuality Guide VS Similarity

New staff: One person completes one examination paper by oneself 
Enterprise: Everyone completes one examination paper together

 2. Temperament Guide VS Career

New staff: Follow their own mind when working
Enterprise: Follow the rules of position when working

 3. Thought Guide VS Behavior

New staff: Only thinking about exhibiting a behavior
Enterprise: Need to speak out, write out, work out what you thinking of

 4. Growth Guide VS Responsibility

New staff: To some extent, the awareness of task and responsibility is not realistic at the beginning of work
Enterprise: First priority is meeting the responsibility

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

【+ Benefits】

   + Transform students into professionals
   + Understand staff
   + Increase communication
   + Cultivate team spirit
   + Assist new staff in understanding enterprise culture
   + Integrate enterprise culture faster
   + Identify goals of enterprise
   + Build a sense of belonging
   + Reduce conflict
   + Discover potential
   + Cultivate positivity
   + Strengthen self-discipline & willpower
   + Cultivate creative thinking
   + Improve problem solving

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