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Brand History

1996 | Thomas Yun founds module Culture Corporation in Taipei.
1999 | Thomas Yun and DAO found the UECC (UE Consultant China) in China.
2002 | UECC transforms into UEBI (UE Business Intelligence) and UEBT (UE Business Training)
2003 | UEBT is almost compelled to close its gates but the company survives thanks to the dedication of its staff and the tireless efforts of its managers in changing their operational strategy.
2004 | DAO decontrols UEBT, and start a series of changes to the company. In six months' time, the company's business raises 230%
2005 | UEBT transforms into LPTB (Life Power® Team Building Organization), meanwhile it cuts down its business and devotes itself to spreading experiential team building.
2006 | LPTB successfully provides team building training to many World's top 500 corporations. Meanwhile LPTB first advocates Island adventure team building in China and becomes one of the core editors.
2007 | LPTB Joins AEE (Association for Experiential education), becoming the first organization member of AEE in China, and presents the team coaching technology course.

+ LPTB provides the mini Olympic teambuilding for corporations like HP and H&H the same year in support of the upcoming Olympic Games in China.

2008 | LPTB Joins ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) and presents the adventure team building & rope course series.

+ In May, to support victims in WenChuan earthquake disaster area, LPTB advocates the "5 yuan rainbow fund" warm-hearty public welfare. In the same year, we are appointed as the vendor of BOSCH team building training events (No.97057405)

2009 | LPTB merges with Life Power®

+ In the same year, we are appointed as the team building training vendor for Canon/AMD/KONE/BAYER, embarking on large team building events including a 300-person-team building event with KONE China in Macau, and 660-person team building event with Bayer healthcare China in Shenzhen.

2010 | LPTB successfully leads a 660-person team building event with Bayer Healthcare China in Taiwan, forging the first huge team building event between mainland China and Taiwan.

+ In March, LPTB leads in the Global Culture of “LIVE POSITIVELY™” for VIP Coca Cola Greater China. In the same month, LPTB appeals and participants in “Earth Hour” organized by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), which affects thousands of students taking part.

+ In April, LPTB supports “Yushu Relief” organized by One Foundation, and appeals to dedicate to helping hands.

+ In June, LPTB specially designed “Wildlife Rush” for finance managers from Evonik Greater China. Afterwards, the team of Life Power® exclusively designed “Wuxing City Rush” with traditional Chinese culture for Microsoft Research in Xian, which had been highly praised.

+ In August, Life Power® consultants are invited to first annual meeting of AEEAC (Association for Experiential Education of Asian Conference), and also attend Shanghai Expo.

+ In October, LPTB first integrates “Dominoes” into the team building course, and successfully leads team building training of Stryker Greater China's sales team. In the same month, LPTB is adopted by the Government Procurement System, and is invited to lead government team building training for the Ministry of Organization of Yulin City.

+ In November, LPTB develops “Leadership -- Journey of Caving”, integrating a cave exploration course into our team building training, successfully leading to leadership training for Rising China.

+ In the same year, Life Power® is appointed as the high-quality team building provider for HUAWEI\HAUNI\PAYPAL\TIMBERLAND.

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