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The Growth of LIFE POWER® Story

Erguotou, a kind of aqua vitae, as famous as the Great Wall, owns more than 600 years of history
It's role in the story of Life Power®:

One day, from many years ago, when the facilitator of Life Power® led a team to adventure on the island, there was a storm coming suddenly with a strong wind and heavy rain. In that tough circumstance, the facilitator and participants still kept going, even though they were tired and hungry. This moment, one colleague, who came from the rear services division shared a special bottle of spirits. The team finished the adventure with high spirits of their own. From that point forward, this has become a tradition shared at special meetings.


Coca-Cola is the top seller of soft drinks along with a cheerful symbol
Its role in the story of Life Power®:

Coca-Cola is the first of the world’s top 500 enterprises to become a customer of Life Power®. All staff in Life Power® made their efforts to offer the best, comprehensive scheme. They would like to drink coca cola in order to look for inspiration all night long. Coca-Cola has since been the drink of inspiration in Life Power®.


OB, Outward Bound originally referred to a boat driving to an unknown future

Its role in the story of Life Power®:

To date, OBI is larger and has a longer history than any other personnel outdoor experiential educational and non-profit organization. Its network has been spread over 32 countries. And it has founded more than 50 training centers and schools.

The instructors and many other colleagues from Life Power® were so proud to attend this training. The spirit of OB, which is to serve, to help and not to yield, impress them deeply, and stimulate our team to solve problems constantly, discovers more possibilities. Therefore when we meet Mr. Trouble, we always say: Why not OB? 

Hello~ Hi~

On February, 2010, 4 fellows full of OB spirit from LifePower and 3 others from TA team flew over mainland and Hong Kong finally arrived in Taiwan to operate a 660 people's team building with the legendary character in adventurous education Liao Binghuang and other 30 facilitators from Outward Bound Taiwan. This was the largest team building size operating by both sides of Taiwan Straits for the first time ever.

A problem occurred to everyone: How to tranquilize hundreds of people in seconds to pay attention to our oders? Just when everyone‘s deeply lost in thoughts, a facilitator named Blackie from OBTW South hushed in. Another facilitator from LifePower unconsciously say "hello" to him and being replied with an vividly answer: "Hi~". Suddenly, everyone looked at each other and started laughing! Yes! That's the answer we've all been looking for! This accidental interaction became the opening for the 660 people team building activity. And this classic way to say hello has been spread through LifePower activities, and were used in many other training institution. Many tranees even bring this way and the spirit into their teams.

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