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Public Welfare

Life Power® is devoted to becoming a responsible and good corporate citizen. We make our commitment to support public welfare through many different resources. For a better living environment, we advocate environmental protection, education, and welfare, to do our share in building our beautiful society and life.
Our action areas
+ China Youth development foundation plan
+ Protection of West China origin ecological environment 
+ Help troubled China teenagers discover themselves and do right
+ Advocate more people to be warm-hearted care every moment.
+ Advocate healthy and green living
+ Support China WenChuan 5.12 earthquake’s after re-building, establish "5 yuan rainbow fund"
+ Life Power® is waiting for you to join us and pass our warm-hearted baton!
+ For more information, please dial our Hotline: South China/800-716-6616 North China/400-001-3801
+ Feel free to contact us. Our consultants will design a course proposal for you!
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