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【+ Confusion of Enterprise】
Communication is a learning process which is never too late to learn. Whether you are senior leader or junior staff, your communication skills will constantly affect your quality of life. Communication skills have profound significance to the development of individuals and corporations. Research shows people will forget or misunderstand 70% information received. This will cause the loss of enterprise time, efficiency, and money.
【+ Background】

Life Power's® research finds that in order to continually improve performance communication, we must prepare in several ways:

Training & Promotion
Through training and promotion, supervisors and staff will realize the importance and benefits of performance communication.

Communication Methods
Staff should be trained in methods of performance communication.

Systematic Communication
Through a well-established system of communication, staff, especially supervisory staff, will communicate responsibly.

Attitudes of conflict will be transformed into attitudes of willing participation. Life Power® consultants are designing vivid experiential communication programs for your business environment. Trainees will form good communication habits through experiential learning, and take these habits back to the enterprise.

Performance communication is reflected in four aspects:

1. Setting Goals
2. Implementing Performance
3. Giving & Receiving Feedback
4. Improving Performance

The interaction and forward motion of these four aspects create effective communication systems of enterprise.

【+ Benefits】

   + Realize the importance of communication in the work environment
   + Understand of methods of overcoming obstacles in communication
   + Communicate with colleagues, supervisors, team members, vendors, and customers effectively
   + Express statements clearly
   + Listen to others
   + Grasp the emotion of others’ words
   + Affect others’ behavior through communication
   + Improve written skills based on logic

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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