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Organizational Change

【+ Confusion of Enterprise】
Change is inevitable. Over the past 10 years, one third of the 100 top enterprise have changed. Others have become obsolete. What makes some last, while others fail? Practice has proven that enterprise which reforms according to the change of market, has more chance of operating permanently.

Unwillingness or inability to change causes a staggering eighty percent of enterprises fail to reach their goals of reform. As an organization changes, its people must also change. The core problem of organizational reform is staff. Arousing enthusiasm of participants to reform with the company, stimulating elasticity, will effectively push reform forward to ensure the realization of successful reform.

【+ Background】

Stage 1: UNFREEZING to create motivation of reforming
Stage 2: CHANGING to carry out reform, and form new attitudes + behavior
Stage 3: REFREEZING to stabilize reform

【+ Strategy】

In presenting a three-stage reform, Kurt Lewin describes that a successful reform must unfreeze the current situation, reform it, then refreeze, to create a balanced platform. The resulting balance is achieved in order to:

+ Strengthen driving power -- behavior will be extracted from current situation
+ Weaken breaking force -- separating from power of current balanced situation
+ Achieve natural balance


   + Help staff realize the meaning of reform to organization
   + Make staff aware of the benefits of reform
   + Strengthen adaption and elasticity of staff
   + Increase the rate of success of enterprise

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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