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Corporate Values

【+ Confusion of Enterprise】
Every corporation has unique cultural values. Cultural values of enterprise are the development guides the company uses to motivate continued success. How does the enterprise, however, encourage staff to embody these values and reflect them in their work? Solving this puzzle creates a challenge for many Human Resources managers.

【+ Background】

Life Power® consultants design each course by using experiential training tools and equipment, and venues involving nature, mountains, the sea, parks, etc. Through a comprehensively-designed solution, staff will accomplish a range tasks that promote leadership, bolster workers' senses of identity, create a sense of belonging within the corporation, and shape individual behavior to reduce emotional conflict. Fun and engaging activities change thinking, emotion, belief, and habits to unify your organization. Life Power® delivers simple, effective, impressive leadership skills to the modern corporation.


   + Cultivate self-identity to enterprise
   + Promote team work
   + Strengthen cooperation of departments
   + Combine value, belief systems, rules of moral conduct among staff and management
   + Cultivate values and spirit

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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