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Team Motivation

【+ Confusion of Enterprise】
Do your staff lack competitive awareness?
Are you having difficulty motivating their performance?
Are team members lacking passion and positive responsible attitudes about work?
Is your team unable to create a great event or unwilling to accomplish minor tasks?
Do employees perform well when monitored, but perform poorly when you're not looking?
Do you feel a lack of effective communication between colleagues and departments?
Are your employees chatting and not serious about work?
Is your staff loyal to the corporation?
Does money disappear from the corporation?
Do personal relationships compete with employees' career?
Are your employees unable to control emotions, tired and spiritless, passionless?


【+ Background】
A two factor theory is known as the Motivator-Hygiene Theory or Two Factor Moticator Theory, was proposed by American behavior scientist Fredrick Herzberg. Near the end of 1950s, Herzberg and his assistants interviewed 200 engineers and accountants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Their interviews uncovered two questions about employee satisfaction: What makes employees feel satisfied about work? And how long will this positive emotion take to establish?

Fredrick took the question of what makes employees feel satisfied as material and researched which items make people happy and satisfied in work. He also studied and what might cause them to feel unhappy and dissatisfied. He found that what makes staff satisfied is the content of the work: What makes staff unsatisfied is a poor working environment and poor interpersonal relationships. He called the former one is motivator, the latter one is hygiene factor.

The depth of encouragement by satisfying requirements is different from its effects. The satisfaction of material requirement is necessary. Without it, comes dissatisfaction. But even if satisfaction is realized, its effect is limited and unendurable. In order to develop positivity, we must focus not only on material benefits and working conditions, we must also pay attention to the working arrangement and arrange work according to each person's unique abilities. The ability to accomplish one's tasks boosts morale, gives praise, and rewards employees. This helps employees develop and earn promotion.

Life Power® consultants train on the basis of this theory, design pleasant surprises for teams, which will produce encouragement from within so they can work and live with full energy.

【+ Benefits】
Build up a more capable and confident team
Discover individual potential
Develop a sense of identity, belonging, and trust
Increase cooperation and communication between teams
Align physical and mental conditions to face work and life challenges optimistically

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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