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Crisis Management

【+ Confusion of Enterprise】

Challenge and Pressure may be common topics in the modern world, but still have unfailing charm with their positive connotations. When facing new tasks, new systems, difficulties, crisis, recombination, all kinds of challenge and pressure, how do team leader and members deal with? How do we make employees rise to challenge? How do we learn to overcome difficulties? Through a scenario simulation program, trainees will experience reaction and dealing with crisis in a risk-free environment. This test will improve crisis awareness and crisis processing capacity of inner enterprise.

【+ Benefits】
Through simulation scenario, members will be ushered into a new environment full of challenges and pressure to make quick decisions. As they learn to conquer their individual obstacles, confidence of team members and team spirit will rise. As the whole team overcomes frustration over new topics, all members will learn to face problems without inhibition. Workers will unite in a concerted effort to make good use of the team ability. The result of this exercise is dealing with crisis safely and composedly!
【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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