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【+ Background】
Corporate social responsibility, CSR, means corporation in business operation have a responsibility to interested parties. The concept of Corporate social responsibility is based on the idea of sustainable development which fits business operational goals. Corporations not only consider their own financial and operational situations, they also consider the effects of society on the natural environment.

LifePower® starts off as the role of a global citizen, designing a unique CSR experience program such as introducing trainees to less developed mountainous areas. We teach responsible treatment of the environment, consideration of vulnerable populations, how to care for the Earth by saving resources, and important Earth-friendly methods of how to reduce our carbon footprint. As a result, we promote harmony between human society, corporations, and our precious world.


【+ Benefits】
    + Enjoy beauty and nature
    + Experience harmony between corporation and earth
    + Improve the sense of pride in staff
    + Care for the Earth
    + Cherish natural resources
    + Cultivate responsibility of corporations and individuals

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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