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【+ Confusion of Enterprise】
As market competition intensifies in 21st century, how do modern enterprises build excellent enterprise culture, express team spirit, establish group common views, adapt to customers' requirements, encourage staff, and increase working efficiency? What kind of culture is created? What is a team? Why are teams so popular? What problems will occur in team building? How can managers facilitate, encourage and lead teams in different stages? How might they cultivate team spirit? How can they infuse their corporate spirit in a high performance team?

【+ Background】
The model of Stages of Team Development by Bruce Tuckman can be identified as the essential elements of team building and development, and be used to explain the historical development of teams. The five stages of Team Develoment are: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning. According to Tuckman, five stages are necessary though not exceeded. A team must undergo above five stages when growing, meeting challenges, dealing with problems, finding proposals, planning, and handling results.

In building a high performance team, a corporation must help team members recognize the basic knowledge of team work. Employees who know the importance of team work cooperate well with others and express team spirit. Complaining and lack of team spirit can lead to the decline of interpersonal communication and organizational operation. Team building is devoting spirit and helping others to create a collective outcome. Lack of team spirit might lead individuals to feel that if they want something done correctly they should do it themselves. One vital goal of team building training is to help team members gain appreciation for team work, which is an essential foundation of creating positive and cooperative corporate culture.
【+ Benefits】
    + Learn the five-stage theory of team development
    + Model team spirit
    + Realize the importance of team work
    + Practice the charateristics of a high performance team
    + Establish mutual trust
    + Use efficient communication
    + Take responsibility
    + Develop common goals
    + Establish clear division of work
    + Encourage understanding between members
    + Transmit enterprise culture of team work
    + Listen effectively
    + Encourage admitting mistakes
    + Nurture tolerance between members
    + Reduce workplace stress
    + Create a high performance team

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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