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Conflict Management

【+ Confusion of Enterprise】
Have you ever conflicted with others? Might you lose your temper in conflict with team members? Lots of managers who establish highly effective teams fear talking about conflict resolution. Conflict is considered one of major contributors toward anxiety, tension, and stress. Conflict destroys the harmony and stability of a team. It creates contradiction and misunderstanding. Understanding, avoiding, and resolving conflict are the primary and most effective methods of resolving conflict.
【+ Theoretical Background】

American behavior scientist Thomas Kuhn and his colleague Joseph Kerman propose a two-dimensional model of conflict resolution based on potential intention of communicators. Kuhn and Kerman propose that after conflict, participants will have two probable options of strategy: caring for oneself, or caring for others.

+ Caring for oneself: Taking arbitrary decisions to pursue individual benefit
+ Caring for others: Taking a degree of cooperation with others to pursue individual benefit

This is defined as the "bi-dimensional space of conflict behavior". As a result, it creates five different strategies of dealing with conflict: competition, cooperation, compromise, accommodation, and avoidance. Our team building training teaches the aspects of each strategy and how to recognize their prevalence in the workplace.

【+ Benefits】

Learn to organize feelings, attitudes, behaviors, so you can:

   + Increase efficiency and output
   + Establish open ideas among individuals and teams
   + Practice strategy and skills of conflict management
   + Cultivate positive communication awareness
   + Express and encourage a harmonious interpersonal atmosphere
   + Expand the interpersonal network using the principle of ideal listening
   + Strengthen the competitive power of the whole via optimum communication
   + Address complaint and conflict to defuse crisis
   + Realize the source of conflicts and take the right attitude toward resolution
   + Learn to dissipate conflict and negative emotions
   + Practice skills used to defuse conflicts
   + Overcome communication obstructions
   + Create the best possible work environment

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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