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The game of Dominos, or "dominos", is a sport with simple rules. Within a given space, players set the dominos in a line or several lines, then hit one of them to watch the chain reaction. Dominos lay down in various lines or even create a picture as they fall down with a crisp sound. Dominos is also a popular sport around the world. In non-Olympic Games, Domino is one of the world's most famous sports. Dominos attract the widest audience outside of The Olympic Games, and it continues to gain popularity. Throughout the game we improve participants' team awareness to build team spirit.

Corporate Benefits

+ Build an effective team
+ Improve interpersonal relationships
+ Improve cohesion of company
+ Stimulate individual potential and team spirit
+ Build an effective team with strong heart

Attending the dominos activity is not only promotion and guide of enterprise's culture, but also an improvement of enterprise's culture by encouraging everyone to work together as a team, working toward a common goal. Dominos also increases employee morale by stimulating a sense of honor

Participant Benefits

+ Learn one's self potential
+ Increase one's self confidence
+ Overcome psychological inertia
+ Steel willpower by overcoming difficulties
+ Align mind and body to face with the challenge of work and life optimistically
+ Realize effectiveness of teamwork to improve the awareness of responsibility
+ Improve interpersonal relationships through caring cooperation with others

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