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Band of Brothers®


Brothers in Arms

In a region of China lies an army, distributed to several battlefields. They are bold, powerful, and not afraid of challenges. They earn many achievements in battles, terrify the enemy, and succeed in all attacks. They are united, bold, fearless, creating glory and mythology with blood and sweat. They are called "Brothers in Arms". In each horrifying battle, "Brothers in Arms" earn glory but also pay a disastrous cost. In order to battle better, they hold a strategy conference, and meet a bigger battle...

This War Game, also called a survival game, originated from mid-west America, and was introduced in Japan in the 1970s. This game is not only a wild activity for hobbyists, but also a chance to reflect individual will and quality. In these few years, this unique and special game has already spread all over the world. Many enterprise in different sizes take it as a goal, paticipate and organize all kinds of War Games. Through the game, staff will be led and stimulated themselves' potential, so that improve the ability of survival and competitive power of enterprise.
War Games have been considered one of the most important courses for enterprise's survival in the world's most developed countries. In the game, lots of leader talents have been explored. In the process of the War Game, both individual and enterprise can steel themselves, practice self-reflection, protection, strategy, judging, decision making, exercising confidence, maximizing potential, and developing leadership and team spirit through cooperation.
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