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A Battle of Wits®


Muk Gong: Origin

China's five thousand years of wisdom yields harmony at its core. The modern corporate entity is gaining strength. As humans strive for greater heights, strategizing for future wisdom becomes a priority. Realizing perceptions by gaining experience will improve forward momentum and cooperation.

What spirit does Mo-tse represent? Responsibility comes from within: responsibility for completing tasks, responsibility for nature, responsibility for nurturing a sense of community, and the responsibility of taking risks to accomplish these goals.

This course takes Muk Gong as its theme. It will emphasize human beings as nature's essence. Through the training, the team will be improved their kindheartedness and responsibility, a sense of mission, and making efforts with beloved colleagues, achieving a win-win situation for everyone.

+ Cooperation and division of work
+ Rational utlization of resources
+ Negotiation and communication in different teams
+ Creative problem solving
+ Enjoyment of the process
+ Solidification of the team 

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