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Sculpture Master®


Master of Sand Sculpture 

Sand Sculpture originated from European and American countries, and has over a 20 year history. Using only water and sand as material, sculptors practice piling up, digging, carving, cultivating, and chiseling it to form all kinds of vivid sculpture work. This elegant, fashionable, healthy, and passionate program attracts more and more people who practice team innovation, and the involvement of everyone.

The real charm of Sand Sculpture is forming a fascinating view through the creativity of artists using only sand and water. Chemical binding agents are not allowed in the process. After finishing, the sand sculpture will be reinforced by special glue, so that it would be kept for several months under normal circumstances. As sand sculpture will be naturally dispelled over time, sand sculpture is called "Rapidly Decaying Art". Every work of sand sculpture is unique and never repeated. This is the beauty and charm of sand sculpture.

Life Power® Team Building combines this technique of artistic expression with the natural environment. Steel the team with innovation and make every member of the team enjoy the surprise of creativity.

+ Team Creativity
+ Rational use of tools
+ Spontaneous team inspiration
+ Inspiration from nature
+ Cooperation and communication 
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