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Survivor on the Island

Survivor is a reality TV show spread all over the world by American broadcaster CBS. Several participants from America are sent to desolate islands around the world, relying on basic tools and searching food by themselves to survive. They will participate in several kinds of IQ tests and physical competitions. The winner is rewarded with a large prize.

The inspiration for our course comes from this TV program. We have designed limited resources in a budgeted time table. In order to survive, we need to unite and share resources rationally. Survival is beauty. When you are reborn as a "survivor", you will find that life is so wonderful!

+ Uncover self potential
+ Increase self confidence
+ Overcome psychological inertness
+ Steel willpower to overcoming difficulty
+ Align the condition of mind and body
+ Meet challenge in work and life optimistically
+ Learn the effectiveness of a team
+ Increase awareness of participation and responsibility
+ Improve interpersonal relationships
+ Learn caring and cooperation others


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