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Silk Road Expedition

The Silk Road was the ancient and the necessary main road for trade between East and West throughout history. The Southern Silk Road is across from Sinkiang, Tianshan Moutain, Kunlun Moutains, and to Tarim Basin Desert. In recent history, the population has shifted. Sinkiang people had been affected by different religions, and they have formed a unique life style and their own customs. When travelling into Sinkiang, you could experience local Sinkiang culture and 47 lives of a minority culture.

This course will transport you to ancient times and make you feel you are part of a commerce team crossing the desert riding on camels with Hetians. Along this desert journey you will pass through villages, and rest on vast sand dunes at night. In the ancient town Kashgar, after several challenging activities, you will climb at the top of Pamirs, which is over 3,500 meters high, then camp beside a beautiful lake in high mountains. You will also visit Tibetan People of Pamirs in the exploration journey of MUZTAGA covered with snow. Finally, you will attend a service plan in a housing estate and experience the caring for and sharing with others.



+ Get back to nature
+ Expand your potential
+ Experience a unique journey
+ Recognize your own goal and values
+ Refresh your soul
+ Find direction in life
+ Arouse your enthusiasm of exploration
+ Explore new places
+ Experience different culture
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