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Setting Sail

Sailing originated in ancient Europe. It is witness of human beings struggling against nature, and the history of sailing is as old as the civilization of humans. Sailing as a competition was recorded in Gill's work, a poet of ancient Rome 1,900 years ago. In the 13th century, Venice began to hold regular sailing competitions without standards or levels. In ancient Holland, the terrain was so low that the inhabited lands contained a labyrinth of canals for transportation and fishing from small wooden sail boats or bamboo rafts. Following in the timeless tradition, participants experience the elements of leadership through adventures, challenges, confidence-building, and breakthrough on our sailing adventure.

+ Setting clear goals
+ Creating team unity
+ Making decisive decisions
+ Dividing work effectively
+ Cooperating
+ Leading the team toward a common goal
+ Experiencing trials together
Come on! Let's enjoy the happiness of conquering on the wave! Cheers for yourself and your team!

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