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Ride The Waves

The Old Man and the Sea made friends and enemies on the sea. While you're waving paddles in our safely guided kayak experience, you will find many friends on the sea as you gain enthusiasm and youth. The changeable sea offers a new way to think and meet all kinds of challenge in work for leaders. Come on! Moving forward!

Both the canoe and the kayak (Eskimos' kayak) were ancient transportation tools. Both were developed from a canoe with a middle seat and a paddle used to propel these small vessels.

Canoeing is a challenging outdoor activity, which will lead participants to think in innovative ways to meet all kinds of challenges with limited resources in a changeable environment. This fun and challenging sport cultivates positive attitudes in overcoming boundaries, problem solving, and creating positive emotions among those who are "in the same boat".
Two participants sharing a canoe communicate to coordinate with each other. In the process, they learn how to lead others or how to be led. At the same time, paticipants will paddle through waves to complete all the tasks with the guidance, protection, and close observation of coaches.

After finishing all the activities on sea, the team will return to the shore for feedback and discussion. Participants will share their combined experiences, taking their newfound knowledge of leadership and teamwork back to the office.
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