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Gravity: The masterwork of nature

Gravity is waiting for your vertical exploration! Exploring caves is an experience unfamiliar to most people. For those who have never experienced losing their direction in the dark, nervousness and fear give way to rational thought. Learning to conquer the fear to unknown world, to overcome the sense of unease caused by unknown, is a challenging psychology to overcome. Discovering the charm of not knowing what your next step will be can challenge and satisfy your boundless imagination, desire of exploration, and curiosity for adventure. You'll never know what you might find until you try this adventure!

"Try hard or give up" (positive or negative) is a model of normal psychology. "Experience, understand, control, surpass" is a developing rule of overcoming the obstacle of that psychology. Through exploration of wild environments, paticipants will experience all kinds of emotions, and understand psychological reflection and result of themselves or the team from external stimuli. The resulting achievement is improvement of participants' abilities while reducing irrational fears. Cave exploration, also known as "spelunking" offers a wild isolated environment where a routine supporting system of paticipants does not exist either physically or psychologically. The training includes some exploration activities such as hiking, jungle exploration, mountain climbing, cave exploration, and stream tracing. All of these activities embody a medium of participants, who will get to know their own energy, power, limitations, and potential.
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