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Business Lab®

【+ Background】

Business Lab is a strategic tool originating from West Point military academy and is a required course of the MBA degree in European and American top business colleges. A sand table course simulates the processes of fluctuating market conditions, financial landscapes, enterprise investment decisions, and operation decisions. Participants will be divided into several groups, each representing a rival firm in the market. According to marketing information, each firm decides its own market positioning, product development, competitive strategy, and operation proposal, then deduces the landscape of the sand table using vivid 3D tools. The primary course tool, the sand table, has bright and visual effect.

Trainees will understand the process of decision-making and operations, settle accounts for profit and loss in the current operation year, create financial statements, and gain a deep understanding of the meaning of financial statements and the running of enterprise finance in order to master the essence of enterprise operation. While training, employees will be making competitive strategies and performing simulated marketing bidding, evaluating decisions as development progresses. All of this is provided with instructor guidance in a risk-free learning environment. LifePower® imports the Business Lab™ Sand Table Simulation Course from Europe, offering this high-end course to more enterprises, to improve the real-world combat skills of resisting risk to create stable operation for enterprise!


【+ Benefits】
   + Strengthen strategic thinking of management
   + Improve strategic control-ability
   + Upgrade reconciliation ability
   + Translate theory into practical experience
   + Experience various types of strategic risk
   + Increase risk assessment ability
   + Build strong leaders with strong strategy-making skills

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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