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Mind Mapping®

【+ Background】

Thinking maps are graphic organizers which show visual representations of relationships between thoughts or ideas. These thinking models are used for memory, studying, and organizing thoughts. Their greatest benefit is in expanding intellectual abilities of the human mind. Thinking maps have been widely used around the world, including many 500 top enterprises. The founder of the thinking picture is Tony Bazin. Chinese have been employing the use of thinking maps for over 20 years.

【+ Benefits】
Thinking picture offers an effective tool for organizing thoughts and ideas. The use of these graphic organizers using the image+text technique, unleashes boundless potential of the human mind, using functions of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This balance assists in creating a mind well-balanced in science and art, logic and imagination. In recent years, the logical framework of the "thinking picture" and studies of brain patterns have been widely to research educational methods in China and around the world. Thinking maps have greatly reduced time and material resources and they produce improved efficiency in individual and corporate learning speed.
【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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