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Gold Of The Desert King®


【+ Background 】

The Gold Of The Desert King ®course is one of the most classical experiential training courses internationally. Trainees will be divided into groups to form Desert Camel Team exploring groups. Each group will receive the same budget for buying water, food, compass, tent, etc. Starting at base camp, players will go deep into desert to uncover treasure. On the way, they will pass through desert, villages, oases, the emperor's tomb, and face the trial of complex weather such as sunshine, high temperature, and sand storm. Some of camel team will be back with victory, some of them may "die" in desert. All depending on the choices they make along their journey.

 The Gold Of The Desert King® is a professional experiential course with excavation, analysis, and problem-solving through cooperation, communication, competition, pressure, and conflicts in team operations. An experienced guide will uncover the importance of goal setting and managing, to avoid deconstructive effects of unsuitable using resources in a team or enterprise. It also can train leadership ability of managers and assist management in marketing and communication. Through team games, problems are unconsciously discovered. By excavating the very essence of problems, trainees will experience the problem of enterprise by themselves, and find the best and efficient solution in a fun, risk-free educational environment.

【+ Benefits】
   + Experience the importance creating direction
   + Define the importance of planning
   + Understand four functions of management: planning, organization, leadership, control
   + Realize goals by setting, carrying out, following, providing feedback, & estimating
   + Improve team work of trainees
   + Improve resource distribution
   + Establish the relationship of behavior and output
   + Learn “how to work smarter, not harder”
   + Implement goals
   + Promote a behavior framework
   + Manage the unknown
   + Learn to face pressure, crisis, and change

【+ Solution Process (ACSAA)】

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