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Fantasy Formula One®

Times are hard in the F1 world! How to cut costs and keep within that £40m budget? Well we have found the answer, lose the engine! This is one of our most eco friendly team building activities which sees teams supplied with detailed blueprints to enable them to build and race their own self-propelled F1 Racing car complete with spoilers, front and back.

We supply a range of building supplies from giant sheets of cardboard to oversized tubes and pre-cut 55cm wheels. The workshop offers all the tools needed for cutting, trimming, and shaping the racing cars, as well as accessories and fabrics to decorate the finished product and of course, supporting staff to help them along the way.

First the designs are to be drawn on the cardboard sheets, inspired by the blueprint. Then the body of the car and its chassis must be cut, assembled and personalized. And then the real fun starts! Once built, the F1 is tested and adjusted accordingly to enhance its performance for the competition. The final race with one driver on board will determine this season’s champion!

This is a fantastic team challenge and one of our most popular team building events that has something for everyone. It combines physical building work with creative design application and is well suited to many conferences that have any sort of racing messages to put across. It also provides a visually exciting finale as teams realize the racing cars need constant adjustments and pit stops to get through the heats for the grand finale.

2 to 3 hours are needed for this intense team building activity. Fantasy F1 can be hosted inside if sufficient space is available for the final race circuit or out depending on group size.

Corporate Benefits

+Understanding each other / team dynamics
+Resourcefulness / budget control
+Project planning / time management

+Practical leadership

+Fun / motivation 

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