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Many team building games focus on team vs team, which makes for a great competitive fun event. However what can you do if you particularly want to promote the principle of one company-one team? Try this idea.The aim of this event is to reproduce a masterpiece originally painted by Picasso, Dali or Miro.To complicate things, before they start, teams need to earn their paint by completing a series of art-related challenges involving photography, general knowledge, mental challenges and even engineering! Of course you don’t need to be an artist to join in as all sorts of skills are needed.

Once all the equipment has been secured, the actual painting on canvas can start. Soon the teams realise that they cannot concentrate on their own canvases without working closely with all surrounding teams to effectively re-create a masterpiece of epic proportions.Once the final picture is unveiled, teams are astonished at their impressive and monumental achievement. Proudly, their masterpiece often ends up hung up in their foyer for all to admire!This event truly promotes the One Company-One Team philosophy as teams have to communicate, share and organise themselves for the best possible result.This event can be done in 1 to 4 hours.

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