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A solution is a process that creatively combines techniques, products, and/or services to offer a more valuable and unique proposal which caters to customer demand. The vital goal of Team Building is learning how to work together effectively. In order to improve a team's work performance, more companies are focusing on stimulating inner-team dynamics and depending on their companions to solve complex concerns. (Modified from "MIT Sloan Management Review" 2006)
What's the best way to build up the best atmosphere of a team? Nowadays, more and more transnational corporations are thinking about how to transmit the right corporate values to their employees. What works best to help new employees integrate into local business culture? What are the best ways to fuse eastern culture with western culture in the new emerging market?

When you are confused, Life Power® offers solutions through creative Team Building! When your team enjoys innovative and fun events, it also finds that the essential team philosophy comes from the heart of eastern traditional culture through harmony!

Life Power® is one of the most professional Team Building Total Solution Providers in the Asian-Pacific region. The innovative total solution is offered so that your team will step from excellence into superiority! We have experience in organizing over 100,000 people-hours of Team Building through over more than 1000 experiential adventures. We offer unique, intricate solutions in Team Building, Activities Imaginative Box, and leadership training. Our Team Building, and moving forward with positive energy! 

Our solution will catalyzes the best atmosphere of a team. Your team will be harmonious for a win-win situation!
The working atmosphere will organize interpersonal relationships and team spirit. Staff will work in a relaxed atmosphere. Team members learn to trust one another working toward common goals. Leaders are good at applying inspirational methods. In this kind of atmosphere, the team creativity and potential will be sparked in order to achieve outstanding results. The best enterprises pay much attention to shaping the working atmosphere. This not only good working environment, it also creates psychological cohesion, cooperation, and trust between team members.



Team Theory of Mechanics @Kurt Lewin(1890~1947): The founder, the pioneer of society psychology, the founder of Gatekeeping Theory in communication research, the main representative in group mechanics.

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