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Seasun Domino Team Building Event

About Seasun

Kingsoft Corp Seasun studio was founded in Zhuhai in May 1995, is the first game development studio in China.In January 1996,Seasun studio released the first commercial game in mainland China - Zhongguancun revelation, which marked the Kingsoft Corp officially enter the game field. In the past 20 years, Seasun Studio produce 11 classic games products  by virtue of its strong research and development strength,and the deep understanding about the cultural connotation, images and music of the game, many products are still relish by the players, especially which the madia called the first brand of Chinese game of "JX" series, it have strong vitality and appeal among the domestic games. In February 14, 2014,Kingsoft Corp Seasun studio get $20 million investment shares by Xiaomi.

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